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Unitedteam HR Consultants is a company primarily in the business of Recruitment (both permanent as well as temporary) besides offering various other services like statutory Compliances, Pay-Roll Management Services,HR Audit & HR outsourcing. UTHR offers its services across a wide range of Industries and our reach is Pan-India presently. UTHR is the preferred recruitment vendor for a number of top MNC's across the country.    Know More
UCC Society Ltd. is a community-based Micro-finance and Micro-lending Institution. The mission of UCC Society Ltd. is to eradicate poverty by building a secure and transparent Micro-finance Institution to provide financial assistance to the under privileged, women, handicapped and those living below the poverty line by empowering them into becoming self-dependant.   Know More
United Team Overseas is the company offering overseas recruitment.UTO is armed with all the relevant licenses as mandated by the Ministry of External Affairs (India) & provides employment in both the blue collar as well as white collar segment in the Middle-East,Central & East Africa as well as in the UK and certain other countries in Europe.   Know More
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United Group takes its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously &has infect started its self-funded NGO (Yog Education & Medical Foundation, Public Trust Act F-51688). Yog Foundation has set up a charitable clinic offering various medical services like Dental, Pathology, General Physician as well as Sonography. Besides it is helping about a 100 students annually in the form of providing all the necessary educational tools for them to stay in school.   Know More

Welcome to Unitedteam HR

Finding talent is one of the most critical challenges that any organization has to face. We at Unitedteam HR have made talent search our specialty.

With over years of recruitment and staffing expertise all over India, Unitedteam HR has earned itself a reputation for providing professional talent with the skills and expertise your business needs to thrive. Our industry and market specific focus coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction, has made us one of the fastest growing and most reliable recruitment and staffing companies in the India. We provide recruitment and staffing solutions to a wide range of industries, sectors and markets, understanding that a specialized approach to recruiting ensures the placement of the most qualified and best candidates.


  • Retails
  • FMCG
  • Construction / Infrastructure
  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Service Industry
  • Transport Industry
  • Insurance
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing

Array of Services

  • Executive Search
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contractual / Temporary Staffing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Payroll Management
  • Statutory Compliances (EPF/ESIC)

United Co-Op Credit Society Limited

United Co-op Credit Society Limited (UCC) is registered under the Credit Society Act of Maharashtra (BOM/RSR/CR/755 ) established in the Year 1971. UCC presently has its registered office at 267, Hari Niwas, General A.K Vaidya Marg, Malad East, Mumbai-400097.

UCC Society Ltd. is a community-based Micro-finance and Micro-lending Institution. The mission of UCC Society Ltd. is to eradicate poverty by building a secure and transparent Micro-finance Institution to provide financial assistance to the under privileged, women, handicapped and those living below the poverty line by empowering them into becoming self-dependant.

The organization has adopted a co-operative approach in order to involve every member in our mission with a spirit of cooperation and mutual confidence. The credit society has instituted a working culture, which revolves around efficiency, transparency, professionalism, teamwork and flexibility.

Some of UCC's offerings are

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Recurring Deposits
  • Daily Deposits
  • Savings Deposits
  • Bonds
  • General Loans
  • Loans for 3 Wheelers/2 Wheelers
  • Loan for Women Entrepreneur

What is a Co-Operative Society

A Co-operative is a Group of People acting together to meet the common needs & aspirations of its members, sharing ownership & taking decisions democratically. There are various other type of co-operatives such as Housing, Political, Social, Consumer, Workers, Agricultural & so forth. Co-operative Sector contributes to the overall system stability by assessing an additional source of capital source via members in addition to the investor base & capital pooled.
Innate focus on customer created by customer ownership which reinforces the risk profile creating an impact on business behaviors ,putting customer centricity at the peak.
A great business mix of conservative and customer focus creating a natural bias towards 'Real Economy business and its respective local markets.

Vision :- To uplift the social & financial status of its members by inculcating saving habits amongst them through the spirit of co-operation

Mission :- To establish & become the pioneer in the co-operative movement by ways of High Quality Standards, customer centric service devoted to brightening the future of India.

Branch Address

Shop No.4 , Mishra Niwas, Opp Sudha Hospital, Gen.A K Vaidya Marg,
Malad East, Mumbai - 97
Tel : 022 - 65555011 or write to us at


Global Recruitment
At United we look to perform beyond the profile of a traditional recruiting agency and entrust ourselves with the role of an in-house HR partner for our clients. When clients seek to recruit talent across countries we diminish their hassle of having to seek out consultants for each country. We offer centralized placement solutions for companies recruiting personnel, irrespective of the country they are targeting. This structure allows us to know the essential pre-requisites for recruitment and also push the standards of quality placement. Additionally, working simultaneously is our extensive network across countries making logistics lesser of an hassle. Our services are available for all categories of personnel.

Global Executive Search
When head-hunting for candidates at senior level management positions, companies usually face a dearth of quality talent and limited access to experienced professionals. Our search process is global in scale and involves associates spread across the globe to narrow down on candidates tailor-made for specific job positions. Our presence in Dubai, a region which is the new intersection of world trade, places us at a distinct position of advantage for candidate sourcing.. If a client's requirement extends beyond the region, our associates are ever ready to facilitate the process. Through our structured business module, we are able to serve as a one-stop shop for recruiting candidates from India to the rest of the World.

For Overseas Employers
With the GDP growth of most of the countries around the globe seeing a steady climb up, the placement opportunities are expected to grow tremendously in these countries. During this trend, every company would want to exploit the market of qualified staff from around the world.

This is where United plays an important role in making the entire recruitment procedure simple and easy. That's not all, our thorough knowledge about the recruitment procedures of various countries has helped us overcome the recruitment challenges set by these countries.

We also serve as a single point of contact between employers and aspirants, where in people who seek advice and suggestions based on recruitment and travel related procedures across various countries can get accurate information from us or directly from their employers. Due to the main challenge of time and the country of employment & origin legal prerequisites, a Overseas employer requires a JV to expedite the recruitment process and serve as an effective facilitator in fulfilling all the work visa application guidelines.

For Overseas Job Seekers
What makes getting job opportunities abroad a complicated procedure?

When a job aspirant applies for a job abroad there is no guarantee that the employer would call back or hire them. The reason for this complication would be the legalities involved between two countries and the lack of understanding about recruitment procedures. Hence it becomes important for job aspirants to complete their immigration and recruitment procedures through reliable sources.

That is why, when reliability in recruitment procedures comes into play, aspirants connect with United. Thousands of dreams have been recruited, your dream could be next. If you wish to partner with us to full fill your dream of working abroad in Gulf countries, send us your resume on

United Healthcare

The quality of Indian healthcare is varied. In major urban areas, healthcare is of adequate quality, approaching and occasionally meeting Western standards. However, access to quality medical care is limited or unavailable in most rural areas,[10] although rural medical practitioners are highly sought after by residents of rural areas as they are more financially affordable and geographically accessible than practitioners working in the formal public health care sector.

Indian Health care system is just a nominal health care system, there are not enough hospitals, doctors, medical staff, medicines or ambulance services available in the system. Quality of care and accessibility is very poor. Most people depend on private hospitals for health care except very poor people, who depend on government hospitals because they can't afford private out of pocket health care. This system can't be called a health care system from a Western perceptive. This not an organised or functional system but a collection of government hospitals in different parts of the country to serve a huge population. India ranks last in healthcare compared to OECD or BRICS countries. The 12th five year plan document on health has received a lot of criticism for its limited understanding of universal health care and failure to increase public expenditure on health. While the HLEG report recommends an increase in public expenditure on health from 1.58 per cent of GDP currently to 2.1 per cent of GDP by the end of 12th five year plan it is far lower than the global median of 5 per cent. The lack of extensive and adequately funded public health services pushes large numbers of people to incur heavy out of pocket expenditures on services purchased from the private sector. Out of pocket expenditures arise even in public sector hospitals, since lack of medicines means that patients have to buy them.

United Group is making a small effort in bridging the gap in the often inadequate Healthcare Facilities or in most cases extremely expensive treatments in its own way by trying to set up low cost affordable Hospitals as well as Diagnostic Centres. United while keeping the cost low has ensured quality is absolutely world class at all times.

United Group is in the field of Healthcare primarily through its 165 bed Hospital based out of Bhubaneshwar, the capital city of the Eastern State of Orissa. The Hospital is run under the name of M/s Swarna Hospital & is situated at Jaydev Vihar Complex,the heart of Bhubaneshwar City.This is a multi-speciality Hospital & offers various services like Gynecology , Gastroenterology , Neurology , Cardiology amongst a few other specialities.The Hospital has been operational since August 2012 .

United Healthcare has also forayed in the space of Diagnostic Centers across the city of Mumbai. As a part of its services United has opened up Pathology Sample collection centres across the city of Mumbai, while the Diagnostic Laboratory is based in the north eastern suburb of Kurla.

For more information you can email us on

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

United Group has formed the Public Trust by the name of Yog Education & Medical Foundation (Public Trust registration F-15688) in the year 2010 with the sole purpose of providing basic HealthCare services to the poor & needy at charitable rates along with helping with providing basic educational tools to the under-privileged students. The registered address of the Trust is at 1101/1102,Millenium Towers, Opp IIT, Adi Shankaracharya Road,Powai,Mumbai-76. Yog Education & Medical Foundation started their first Charitable Polyclinic in Kurla at MN Road, Off LBS Road. The Polyclinic provides full fledged Dental Care,a fully equipped semi-automatic Pathalogy Laboratory along with Consultant Doctors visiting the Clinic on a regular basis to provide for the needy patients in & around Kurla as well as Ghatkopar. We are providing all the medical facilities at around 80-90% cheaper than regular market rate. The Clinic is situated at 9,Sonabai Pawar Building, MN Road, Off LBS Road, Kurla West,Mumbai-400070.The clinic can be contacted on +91-22-65555033.

Besides providing these healthcare facilities Yog Education & Medical Foundation has also tied-up with a MRI/CT-Scan facility in the area & patients recommended by us are given a flat 50% discount all the Investigations at this centre.

Dr. Shreya Raj Shetty (Managing Trustee) :- Dr. Shreya R Shetty is our Managing Trustee. She is a resident of Powai & a Dentist by profession. Dr. Shreya is putting her medical education to best use on an everyday basis at Yog Foundation by playing the role of the Chief Dentist as well as looking at all day to day administration at Yog Foundation & is involved on a full time basis at the Trust Clinic.

Besides its contribution in the Medical & Education field United Group has been organizing Job-Fairs for the uneducated/less-educated youth of Mumbai & Pune and helped them find employers which otherwise would have been extremely challenging for these youth. United with this initiative has successfully managed to find employment to over 4000 youth in the past 2 years alone.

For any queries or inquiries regarding our CSR activities please write to us at CSR

Head Office:

441 / 442, Ijmima Complex,
Interface, Off. Link Road,
Malad West, Mumbai-400064.

Telephone      : 022 - 65555011
Email             :

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Contact Us

From a humble beginning in the Human Resources Industry in 2005, United Group dynamism & Success prompted diversification into Security, Cleaning/Housekeeping Services and also Overseas Recruitment. United Group has its helm directors & mentors who are experienced in both local as well as global businesses. The Group is supported by a dedicated, innovative and a passionate group of professionals, who with their untiring zeal and imagination aspire to be the global leaders in all their Verticals. Quality in its multifaceted manifestations is United Group's hallmark. High work ethics, invaluable human human resources, latest technology and time tested dynamic systems help United Group keep pace and at times even surpass global standards.

Trust; Together we can deliver more

We practice ethical conduct

We continuously work towards delivering better quality

We create the drive to nurture passion for Innovation & Creativity.

"It's better, together"


Suresh Rao
Mentor & Guiding Light

Mr. Suresh Rao started his professional journey after Graduating from Mumbai University in the year 1976. He started his career with Indian Income Tax Department immediately after his graduation. His profession exposed him to various cultures and people. His inquisitive nature opened many doors of learning where as his people skills helped him build a vast network of influencers. After more than 34years of dedicated service, Mr. Rao took voluntary retirement in the year 2010 .

Being a perfectionist by nature, Mr. Rao likes to participate in each department of the business to ensure flawless functioning of the business. He believes that acquiring good talent is an important element of a company�s success. This is why he personally looks into the hiring process of the company. Client Relationship Management being another most important element of a business, he constantly works on training his client servicing team with emotional intelligence which leads to superior service standards.

As an entrepreneur, he also believes that the market scenario is dynamic and it is essential to constantly innovate futuristic solutions. He therefore works closely with the research and development department to create the necessary ecology for domestic as well as foreign clients


Capt. Raj Shetty

Capt. Raj Shetty is the founding Chairman of the 'Group Executive Board' and also holds the position of Director in all the group companies of United. He is a commerce graduate besides holding a commercial pilot's license. He comes with more than 20 years of experience in various businesses like Aviation, Finance, Infrastructure, Human Resources, Healthcare & Hospitality. He is actively involved in the day to day functioning of the Group & plays a major role in client acquisition, finance & expansion of United Group. He is extremely passionate about wanting to set new standards on a regular basis in every vertical at the Group. Also he is instrumental in all the CSR activities of the United Group & setting up its charitable polyclinic.

Capt. Raj Shetty has considerable exposure to International businesses & is presently actively pursuing global reach for his business group. He is instrumental in setting up business in various regions like North America & the Middle East.
His pet project to date remains his Charitable Poly Clinic which he has set up in the North East part of Mumbai & wants to emulate this across the state of Maharashtra.


Dr. Shreya Raj Shetty
Head - CSR Activities

Dr. Shreya Raj Shetty is heading Healthcare and also the CSR division of the United Group. Dr. Shreya has completed her bachelor of Dental Sciences from the prestigious SDM College (Dharwad) . She is involved full time in running the day-to-day affairs of the Charitable Polyclinic situated in the eastern suburb of Mumbai (Kurla west), besides meeting & identifying school children who are in need of financial assistance for their education. Besides she takes the lead in all the job-fair conducted in socially challenged areas by United Group by ensuring maximum participation of the candidates looking for jobs. Dr. Shreya is extremely passionate about her Social responsibility & has some more interesting & much needed projects lined up in the near future.